Calendar! Events! Movie Night!

1 Sep

I let myself be peer-pressured into buying the fancy tv all my friends have, so I decided to put it to use!  Sadly, the trailer at lot 400 was deleted to make room for it.  So the trailer park now has a delightful outdoor movie theater to enjoy!  It is set to group access, so all of our residents can use it, too!

The Perfect Taco Events Calendar

I’ve decided to make Thursdays Movie Night & show a selection of short videos on Tuesday evenings before Idella’s show next door.  More details are available on the Calendar page, as well as even more details at calendar link above.

Our first movie will be tomorrow night @ 8pm.  We’ll be watching Cameron’s Closet, a horror movie that traumatized me as a teen.  I decided on this one because I want to see if it is still all that scary.

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