Hurray for Movie Night!

3 Sep

So Cameron’s Closet wasn’t quite as scary as I remembered it being, but I still enjoyed it.  We had a fun time last night, & I would like to say thank you to those of you who made it.  To those of you who did not, hope to see you next time!

On Tuesday I’ll be showing a series of short videos including the first episodes of The Guild & Chad Vader, as well as an anime called Shuffle – maybe.  I had planned on it, without having seen it, but working on my playlist yesterday I had to watch some of it to make sure it would play, & realized the video is in whatever language & subtitled in English.  I know a lot of people hate subtitles, so I’m working on a back-up plan in case people don’t want to watch it.

& on Thursday, we’ll be doing Movie Night! again.  I don’t know yet what we’ll be watching.

For the purpose of event updates, I made a second group for friends of The Perfect Taco.  It’s free & open enrollment, so you can join by clicking the sign at the trailer park entry point, or finding the group through search or in my profile.  An alternative is, if you’re reading this, you can sign up in the side bar for email updates when there is a new post here & voila! you’ll get an email when I announce something’s happening.  It’s like magic!

Remember for September we are also scheduled to have The Traveling Yak here, but I am not sure of the date.  Will post it when I do.  It was originally going to be the 18th, as it’s usually the third Saturday of the month, but that seems to be a bad time for the members of that group, so I am not sure when it will be.

Also, the Southern Culture On The Skids‘ new album, The Kudzu Ranch, is scheduled to be released Tuesday, 9/7.  I will be ordering my copy from the site & having an album party when I get it.  I already have Double Wide & Live, so we’ll be rounding it out with that.

I forgot to take any pics last night, but here is one of me I took there today just to give you a visual.  Don’t I look scared?

Movie Night - Cameron's Closet - scared!

Looking scared watching Cameron's Closet at Movie Night (or close enough)


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