Events For The Upcoming Week

5 Sep

Hey! Thanks for you interest in the events scheduled at The Perfect Taco!

Every Tuesday I’ll be showing a selection of short videos & on Thursday we’ll watch a full length movie.  They’ll all be shown in our Port-In Theater:~)  Just take the teleporter near the taco stand to the theater & you’re there!

TUESDAY, 9/7 @ 8PM – Before You Get the Blues – Video Shorts
Before Idella’s live streaming blues show next door, let’s watch a random assortment of webisodes, animation, & all kinds of short videos.  Whatever catches my eye that week.

Tonight we’ll be watching the first episodes of The Guild, Chad Vader, & some anime called Shuffle! that I’ve never seen but is quite popular & sounds promising, as well as I’m On A Boat (explicit of course), my favorite Robot Chicken bit, & several other shorts that I found highly amusing.

THURSDAY, 9/9 @ 8pm – Easy (2003, Comedy/Romance/Drama)

“Easy.  Sex is.  Love isn’t.”
Starring: Marguerite Moreau, Naveen Andrews, Emily Deschanel, Caroline Goodall, Brian F. O’Byrne, D.B. Woodside

Written and Directed by: Jane Weinstock

Jamie Harris (Marguerite Moreau) is a 25-year-old, self-proclaimed ‘jerk magnet’ who sees herself as the easy chick. In her world, sex has its ups and downs and relationships are shaky. Afraid that she will never have a decent relationship, Jamie learns about both the pleasure and the pain of being close to someone, reminding us that, in real life, sex is easy, love isn’t. (taken from youtube description)

Official selection of Sundance Film Festival & Toronto Film Festival in 2004.

watch the trailer here

Also, coming up this month, but still firming up the specifics, are

~ The Lonely Yak’s Traveling Yak.  We’ll be dancing up a storm when The Lonely Yak drops by with a DJ & dancing!
~ Southern Culture On The Skids (SCOTS for short fyi) album party.  Everybody’s favorite camp rockin’ hillbillys are dropping their latest full length album, The Kudzu Ranch, Sept 7.  Just as soon as I can get my hot little hands on it, we’ll be be shaking our tail feathers on the lawn!  I have their live double CD set, Double Wide & Live, so we’ll be round out the evening with that.   Y’all come! (

The Perfect Taco Trailer Park & Taco Stand


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