Tonight! SCOTS & The Kudzu Ranch Listening Party @ 6PM

14 Sep

Till when?  Till whenever!  Show up & we’ll close down the trailer park.  I’ve got the brand new SCOTS album, The Kudzu Ranch, along with a few others, so we’ll be ditch digging & pork forking for hours tonight.  And if we run out of that before we run out of steam, don’t worry I have more of my favorites lined up & ready to go.

Like Toad the Wet Sprocket?  I do!  How about Ani Difranco?  Me too!  Tres Chicas?  Angie Stone?  Lyle Lovett?  Snoop Dogg?  Got it.  Got it.  Got it.  Got it. And If you promise to keep it a secret…((I even have songs by Jennifer Lopez & Ashley Simpson))  Oh, & we can’t forget Aretha, Nneka, Beau Hall, Peter Searcy, Jet,  Nelly Furtado, ZZ Top, MSTRKRFT, Cat Power, Stray Cats, & on & on & on.

I even bought an Intan couples dance ball loaded with 14 dances, & added a great Quickstep & the wonderful SLindy Hop to it!  Plus, I’ve been working on some special items for flavor.  Tonight is going to be a blast!  The stream will run on both sims, so if you’d rather swim, fish, play pool or darts, query the magic eight ball, or make out while enjoying the music, not a problem.  We will of course have a full bar, free tacos, & fried chicken.

All out trashy or Sunday mornin’ classy, be there or be square!

*beep beep*  Your ride is here!

Orange Pinto

Hop in!


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