What A Wonderful Rezz Day Party!

26 Sep

Last night was so amazing:~D  The Lonely Yak treated us to a wonderful evening of music, colorful decorations, & fun contests:~D  Congrats again to all the winners in our Colorful Outfit contest!

So many friends showed up.  DJ Shini rocked us with our favorite tunes for four hours, till our virtual feet had virtual blisters, but then some of us had on some pretty high virtual heels.  Jane had come out & decorated for us, with colorful confetti raining down, some amazing pastel trees that everyone oohed & aahed over all night, a huge balloon arch, & a giant poster with mine & Serenity’s giant faces on it^_^  DJ Shini set up a stage for her famous monkey tip jar.  I’ll never get over him shooting bananas when you tip him, lol.

Anyhoo, thanks again to our party throwers & party guests!  (& don’t forget – our actual rezz day isn’t till tomorrow so you still have time to get your gifties in;~) )

Now pics!  I took a ton, lots of dancing & confetti, & those trees.

Rezday Girls Poster

Happy Rezday to us!

Evening fall on the rezday party.

Evening falls on the rezday party.

Beautiful trees!

Beautiful trees!

View towards the taco stand & the balloon arch.

View towards the taco stand & the balloon arch.

The Rezday Girls!

The Rezday Girls!

(See the rest of the pics here)


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