6 Oct

So, I’ve been mixing it up around the trailer park.  Some are changes I’ve made & just not gotten around to officially documenting, & some are more recent changes.  Some of them don’t reflect so much changes in the trailer park, as they do changes in my knowledge of graphics settings & SL photography:~)  But I have begun the process of officially updating my pics & info for the trailer park.

Here are a few of the first photos I’ve taken:

Our Events Board

Our new events board:~) From the top: The 7Seas message board, our photo board showing some of our friends & fun, our events group inviter, & the events board. Clicking the middle of the events sign, where the days are listed, gives you a copy of that week's events schedule. Clicking below, where the site addie is, will let you open your browser to our website. The dvds added beside movie/video events take you to either a website or trailer. Beside here you'll notice a web survey for a health research project. It is available in English & Dutch, & pays you $L20 for about 5mins of answering simple questions.

The Perfect Taco Taco Stand & Rental Office

The current set up of the taco stand & rental office. Not a lot different than the other pics I've taken since reshaping the land, but better quality. The laptop on the picnic table will take you to our website & if you look at the screen it is actually on the site:~) Oh, you can't see it in this pic, but inside the taco stand, to the left of the door, is my new Master's in Trailer Park Management & Taco Artistry! (thanks to Djeaux for that) Also, the taco stand now has a dumpster diving trash can out back.

Yard Sale & Lot 1

The yard sale! Not much different here, just a better pic & a view of the new Lot 1.

Laundromat & Playground

A new view of our laundromat. Here you can see the clothes line, teeter totter, & hopscotch I've added.

Teeter Totter & Lots 1 & 2

Teeter totter outside the laundromat & lots 1 & 2

I’m going to work on pics of the actual homes tonight, including the new mini!, if I can get through the new 21pg TOS I have to agree to before I can log in again>_<

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