Events 10/11-17

11 Oct

We’ve got some specialness planned this week:~)

On Tuesday we’ll be showing two hours of contemporary poets & on Thursday it’ll be Logan’s Run by request.  Sunday, will be the SLRR’s Night Train run.  Looks like it’ll be passing by us on Pawpaw, so we’ll be gathering to watch while enjoying some of the activities on the hill.

Tuesday, 10/12 @ 7PM/8PM

At 7PM, we’ll start the evening with a 2005 reading by then U.S. poet laureate, Ted Kooser.
“…a poet and essayist, a Presidential Professor of English at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He served as the U. S. Poet Laureate from 2004-2006, and his book Delights & Shadows won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. His writing is known for its clarity, precision and accessibility.”

Then at 8PM, we’ll shift to a mix of individual performances in a variety of styles & voices.  Opening the show will be a series of artists from the Def Jam Poetry series, young voices speaking to a number of topics we face today.  From there we will have some of our modern day classics such as Charles Bukowski & (my favorite) Nikki Giovanni.  A few videos from a personal friend, who is a beautiful slam poet & transgender activist, will make their way in near the wrap up.

A writer & published poet myself, this is an evening which I look forward to sharing with you.  There is some amazing work being done in poetry today.

Thurs, 10/14 @ 7PM

Logan’s Run (1976, Sci-Fi/Adventure)
An idyllic sci-fi future has one major drawback: life must end at 30.
Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Roscoe Lee Browne, Farrah Fawcett

Sun, 10/17 @ 10AM

SLRR‘s Night Train!  Come watch the parade of trains with us from Taco Hill!  We’ll be listening to music on the stream, dancing, chatting, fishing, & swimming.  (If you don’t have your own fishing rod don’t worry, we’ve got them here;~) )

It’s gonna be a fun time.  See you there!


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