Events for Oct 18-24

17 Oct

This week we start celebrating my favorite holiday – Halloween!

Tuesday, 10/19 @ 8PM:
The 5lb Assorted Bag: I’ll be showing an assortment of Halloween goodies; music, movie clips, prank videos, whatever shows up & catches my eye.  Ooh, maybe I can find some real life ghosty videos!

Thursday, 10/21 @ 7:15PM:
So, You’ve Downloaded A Demon? (2004, Horror/Comedy) (Comorroredy?  Horromedy?)
Casidee Riley,  Zak Kreiter, Todd Livingston, Xenia Seeberg (<= any other Lexx fans here?)
While hacking an occult Web site for a Goth girl (Casidee Riley), student council hopeful Dave (Zak Kreiter) accidentally unleashes a nasty demon that takes over his body. As Dave runs wild as the spawn of Satan, his friends attempt a series of wacky schemes to save him. Directed by Todd Livingston, this outrageous college comedy features a botched exorcism, projectile vomit and plenty of creepy characters. (description from

The week of Halloween, we’ll be  showing a different movie from the horror genre every night (well, at least through the week.  I’m still nailing down my Halloween plans & as much as I luv you guys I will not be passing up a night of drink & debauchery to watch YouTube in SL:~p).  If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the movies I’ve shown so far, you know some of them will probably lean closer to being a comedy, or tragedy, than actual horror.  But as long as there’s at least a ghost or demon or axe murderer running lose, & somebody gets killed it counts.  I’m also working on a fun little trick or treat hunt around here.  But more info about all that next week:~)

See you there!

~Don’t be a stranger~

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


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