New Pics! Train Party & Halloween

18 Oct

Here’s a  few pics from the train watching party yesterday (can you believe I didn’t get one pic of a train? lol), some of the decorating I’ve done around the trailer park, & the custom catches I made for the 7Seas this month.


Batman train watching

Batman waiting on a train before a football emergency sprang up & he had to leave.

~Click to see the rest~


Waiting for a train.

Waiting for a train. (Did they just come from Baton Rouge?)

Post-trains taco time

Post-trains taco time

Halloween at the taco stand

Halloween decor. I've tweaked it a bit since then. That growing pumpkin in the back reached full size (that was only 60% if you can believe it) & it had to be moved. & moved. & moved again.

Death by Steam Pumpkin

The Steam Pumpkin from the Steampunk Hunt last month & a lurking haint. Possibly someone who died in one of the many crashes you get into trying to drive that little buggy. I think I crashed into half of everything in Pini & some of the neighboring sims.

Haunted playground

I put a jack-o-lantern at each home. I also made some little ghost kids to ride the see saw in our trailer park playground (conveniently located outside the laundromat, you gotta be able watch your kids while you fluff & fold). FYI, if anyone is interested, I have the kids for sale at my yard sale, & currently on the marketplace.

Growing pumpkin at ~62% w me & orig size

Here is a pic of the growing pumpkin for reference. I'm about 2m tall, i think the RL equivalent height is 6' 2" & I'm wearing sneakers. The pumpkin I am in front of is at ~62%. The little pumpkin on the ground is the same pumpkin at 0% on rezz. It's a freebie I picked up in a box of Halloween goodies somewhere at some point. I tossed it in my Halloween fishing pumpking at the taco stand for fun, but if you ask nicely I'll send you one:~)

Growing pumpkin & somersaulting bat

This is the reference pic I took before I decided to rezz a fresh one to show where it starts. I decided to go ahead & use it though, because I love the bat somersaulting off the pumpkin:~) Such happy bats.

Fishing pumpkin

I made a pumpkin to fish out of for Halloween. It has the 7Seas fishing server & our (TPT) customs crate. There's even a skeleton fish swimming around in it. Spooky!

Fishing pumpkin 2

Another angle on the fishing pumpkin.

(TPT) Hella Skele-fish

(TPT) Hella Skele-fish Dig he blows bloody bubbles & bleeds. Spooky! Halloween 2010 custom Oct 19-Nov 1 only Uncommon

(TPT) The Perfect Taco Express

(TPT) The Perfect Taco Express Bubbling Choo-choo SLRR Night Train cheering party custom Available Oct 17, 2010 only ~retired~

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