Movie Night! Samurai Princess @ 7:15PM

4 Nov

Movie Night every Thursday @ The Perfect Taco’s beautiful outdoor theater.  Relax, have some wine, enjoy the movie & company!


Samurai Princess

Samurai Princess takes place sometime, somewhere, in an alternate universe version of feudal Japan where people live together with highly developed mechanical dolls. However, excessively developed mechanical dolls start causing harm to the human society, leading to ghastly blood shed happening all over the place. Under the circumstances, Kyoraku, a mad scientist, creates a female ninja mechanical doll. Equipped with 11 types of built-in weapons, the ninja doll is infused with the souls of eleven of her fallen sisters and she uses their combined power to take down anyone who stands in the way. The ninja doll will not die even if she is slashed by a sword or shot by a gun; she is virtually indestructible on her quest to save humanity. (desc taken from youtube)

This may be the worst movie I’ve shown to date!  Asian gore exploitation & a porn star lead actress?  But how can I not??  Recommended for fans of the Troma films, so you know to expect lots of cheesy, low budget gore & violence, & some “mild sexuality”.  **Does contain a rape scene, so this could be a trigger for some people.**



~*Watch something you’ll regret later*~


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