7Seas Fishing!

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I finally succumbed to the *ahem* “pier” pressure & invested in a 7Seas Fishing kit for Taco Hill.  I had never tried it, but they are really into it, showing me the fish they’ve caught, & hopping around the grid I’ve seen it all over.  People love 7Seas.  Add that to the fact it’s pretty inexpensive & you make a commission off any gear or bait people buy through your vendor, & here we are.   Fishing.

7Seas at The Perfect Taco!

7Seas at The Perfect Taco!

I already had a fishing set up at Perfect Taco Lake, so only needed the server to get going.

Buried fishy treasure in the lake.

Buried fishy treasure in the lake.

I added the vendor for people needing 7Seas fishing poles & bait.

7Seas vendor

7Seas vendor

So what can you get from the vendors?

  • For the merely curious, you can get demo rods for $L1.  You get five casts, need no bait, & can catch commons.  I caught three bikini tops using it.  I’m wearing one in the pic.   Along with my taco shorty shorts:~)
  • Just looking to relax & have a little fun?  The casual rod is $L100.  It doesn’t use bait, lasts forever, & you can catch common to rares with it!
  • Serious about your fishing?  Get the Pro rod for $L250.  They do require bait, but you can catch all levels of fish, as well as get XP & gain levels.  Includes a variety of sizes & styles, including tiny.
  • Bait!  The standard bucket is $L30 for 100 uses.  You can also buy in bulk & save money:~)
  • Extras – Buy a working motor boat (though not usable in the lake), aquariums for your home to keep what you catch as a pet:~), & all you need to start your own 7Seas fishing area.
  • (side note – the fishing truck, dock, & accessories are not part of 7Seas.  Those are items I purchased some time ago, so are not available as part of the decor packages in the vendor.  Just wanted to avoid any potential confusion & disappointment.)

I am already working on custom catches for the lake!  I may hosts contests in the future.


The Real Fish of Perfect Taco Lake

Sure, the fish don't want you to catch them, but since when have you ever listened to a fish??

For more information, see the 7Seas Fishing Game site.


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