~”I’ve worked at five Mexican restaurants in three years. I’m searching for the perfect taco.”~
~Priscilla, Jitterbug Perfume

Thanks for your interest in The Perfect Taco Trailer Park & Taco Stand!  We straddle Pini & Pawpaw, nestled between the tracks of the SLRR. The trailer park & taco stand are located on the Pini side, & our recreation area, Taco Hill, is on the Pawpaw side.

Our trailer park is small, only four homes, three full size trailers & a mini. Clean, classy, & spacious, we offer a quite, fun atmosphere of community. The community is not just in the trailer park, but with all of our neighbors. You’ll find Pini to be a warm, wonderful place to make your SL home. Besides the trailer park & taco stand, this side also houses our outdoor theater. We host regular events, currently every Tuesday is video night, for youtube videos, webisdoes, etc, & every Thursday is a full length movie. We also host parties from time to time. Recently we held a listening party of Southern Culture on the Skids’ latest release The Kudzu Ranch. It was a lot of fun!  See more about the trailer park here.

On Taco Hill you’ll find so much to do & explore. Our centerpiece on the ground is Perfect Taco Lake. Offering fishing & swimming, including the 7Seas fishing game. Over the hill is our dive bar, Soul City Social Club. The jukebox controlling Taco Hill’s stream is located here & set to public access. There are tables for dancing as well as solo & couples dance balls. You’ll find the solo dance balls & Intan remote dance hearts located on each level of Taco Hill. Soul City also features a playable pool table & darts, as well as Fight Mania!. At the top, hovering well above the clouds is the private & intimate Heart Beet. Romance awaits you in a woodsy setting, completely enclosed & only available by teleporter. All areas of Taco Hill, as well as the grounds of the trailer park, are open to the public, but Soul City & Heart Beet can be reserved by our residents for private events.  See more about Taco Hill here & our 7Seas here.

If you would like to be notified of events at The Perfect Taco, you can join our events group in Second Life, Friends of The Perfect Taco, as well as subscribing to updates on this page, our pages at Facebook, Twitter, Moolto, & Myplace.


Thanks again for checking us out!  I hope you’ll drop by to visit, & think about making The Perfect Taco your home in Second Life.  Feel free to leave me a message here or IM me inworld for more information.


Visit us inworld: slurl.com/secondlife/Pini/142/106/101

“You know how I feel about tacos. It’s the only food shaped like a smile. A beef smile.”
~Earl Hickey, My Name is Earl

(Not sure what Second Life is?  It’s a free 3D virtual world online.  Check it out here.)


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  1. ReadersHeaven September 22, 2010 at 10:47 am #

    Hi, nice to meet you !


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