*sigh* Can’t embed my calendar here.  Whaaaaaaaa! So instead, look at this picture of me doing my best pin-up girl calendar impression:~)


Bianca pin-up calendar page

~*Click me to see my Google calendar*~


The Perfect Taco Events


Currently the schedule is (all times are SLT/Pacific):

  • Tues @ 8pm (repeating): Before You Get The Blues: Video Shorts: Watching an assortment of short vids that caught my attention, webisodes, animation, any kind of short video is fair game.
  • Tues @ 9pm (repeating): Tuesday Bluesday @ Idella’s: After the videos we will head over to our neighbor Idella’s to watch the live stream of her real life blues band, The Cats-A-Renos.  They perform every Tuesday at The Pig-N-Whistle in Hollywood, CA.
  • Thurs @ 7:15pm (repeating): Movie Night!  Full length movie, whatever I feel like watching, or any special requests I choose to indulge (you’ve got to get on my good side for that;~) ).

For more details on events, please see the full calendar.  Thanks!

Also, to get regular updates on events & other Taco related happenings, you can join our events group, Friends of The Perfect Taco (bonus – get a tag to let the world know just how you feel about tacos).  The seem to have erased groups from the Second Life site, so you’ll need to do an inworld search for the group, or find it in my profile.  You can also subscribe to this site by email in the sidebar, or follow me on one of the other social network sites where I post events.

Facebook:Bianca Duncan


MyPlace:Bianca Duncan

Moolto:Bianca Duncan

(Now you have no excuse not to know about an event:~p)


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