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My Market Place

3 Nov

My sales are up a good deal since the new Market Place opened.  Still not a big seller, but I’ve got some new things in the works & have been considering renting some small shop space inworld.  I have the yard sale table at the trailer park, but I thought it would be nice to have something else with a bit more traffic & some dedicated shoppers visiting.  The yard sale at the trailer park is more for a bit of theme fun than anything.  I’ve seen a few places, but nowhere I think my stuff would fit.  I’m still looking.  BTW, the yard sale is for all the tenants, but currently it is just my stuff (not counting a friend’s market boxes I let her park there when she closed her store).

So anyhoo, with the proposed pricing changes to the market place that seem to be on their way in a month or two, I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep all of my stuff on there, monthly listing fees & all.  I’ll probably end up raising my prices on the MP & cutting stuff that doesn’t sale.  Right now what I’m going to do is make a buy 2 get 1 free special.  So, if you buy two items at full price from my store, either the market place or from the trailer park yard sale, send me a note card with your name & dated transaction info, & the item, or equal or lesser value than the items you bought of course, you would like for free.  I’ll will send it to you, probably the same day since I am on pretty much every day at some point.

Here are the links for my MP store & the yard sale & keep checking back to see what changes.  I’ve got a house about ready to go & am working on some more feature rich versions of it.  I have made a few clothes, more than what is for sale atm, & have just gotten some new templates & textures to work on more.  Plus, I’ve started working with scultpies & more animations & scripts.  A lot of this hasn’t made it for sale yet, but it’s getting close.


~*Buy 2 items, get 1 of equal or lesser value free*~
(send me a note card inworld with your name & dated transaction info, & the item you would like for free.)

My Market Place

The Perfect Taco’s Yard Sale

buy2 sign


Updates! New Homes Added & Rent Credits Added To 7Seas

10 Oct

Finally got the new pics & info cards added for Lots 1 & 4.  I am still working on updating the info for lots 2 & 3, as well as the general park info note card.

Lot 1


TPT Lot 1 exterior

Lot 1, exterior



TPT Lot 1 interior living area

Lot 1, interior, living area



TPT Lot 1 interior bedroom

Lot 1, interior, bedroom










Lot 1 information

Visit inworld



Lot 4


TPT Lot 4 exterior

Lot 4, exterior



TPT Lot 4 interior sleeping area

Lot 4, interior, sleeping area



TPT Lot 4 interior front area

Lot 4, interior, front area










Lot 4 information

Visit inworld



Also, I’ve added rent vouchers to the 7Seas customs prizes.  Can be used for new & renewing rent payments.



TPT custom catch for 7Seas, $L50 rent voucher

$L50 rent voucher, rare custom prize for 7Seas



TPT custom catch for 7Seas, 1 week's rent voucher

1 week's rent voucher, superultrarare custom prize for 7Seas



TPT custom catch for 7Seas, $L100 rent voucher

$L100 rent voucher, ultrarare custom prize for 7Seas



Go fish!

Our First 7Seas Custom Catch!

8 Oct

After a bit of work, I have completed our first custom catch for the 7Seas fishing game.

Our first 7Seas custom catch!

Our first 7Seas custom catch!

You cast.  You catch.  You excitedly reel it in, barely able to wait to see what kind of monster you’ve hooked, & already writing the stories you’re going to tell your friends about this one.  Grinning as it finally breaks the surface of the water… it’s a flat, muddy beer can left over from some eco-unfriendly party on the lake.  Hurray?  Oh well, at least it can keep you company!


6 Oct

So, I’ve been mixing it up around the trailer park.  Some are changes I’ve made & just not gotten around to officially documenting, & some are more recent changes.  Some of them don’t reflect so much changes in the trailer park, as they do changes in my knowledge of graphics settings & SL photography:~)  But I have begun the process of officially updating my pics & info for the trailer park.

Here are a few of the first photos I’ve taken:

Our Events Board

Our new events board:~) From the top: The 7Seas message board, our photo board showing some of our friends & fun, our events group inviter, & the events board. Clicking the middle of the events sign, where the days are listed, gives you a copy of that week's events schedule. Clicking below, where the site addie is, will let you open your browser to our website. The dvds added beside movie/video events take you to either a website or trailer. Beside here you'll notice a web survey for a health research project. It is available in English & Dutch, & pays you $L20 for about 5mins of answering simple questions.

The Perfect Taco Taco Stand & Rental Office

The current set up of the taco stand & rental office. Not a lot different than the other pics I've taken since reshaping the land, but better quality. The laptop on the picnic table will take you to our website & if you look at the screen it is actually on the site:~) Oh, you can't see it in this pic, but inside the taco stand, to the left of the door, is my new Master's in Trailer Park Management & Taco Artistry! (thanks to Djeaux for that) Also, the taco stand now has a dumpster diving trash can out back.

Yard Sale & Lot 1

The yard sale! Not much different here, just a better pic & a view of the new Lot 1.

Laundromat & Playground

A new view of our laundromat. Here you can see the clothes line, teeter totter, & hopscotch I've added.

Teeter Totter & Lots 1 & 2

Teeter totter outside the laundromat & lots 1 & 2

I’m going to work on pics of the actual homes tonight, including the new mini!, if I can get through the new 21pg TOS I have to agree to before I can log in again>_<

Sure, the fish don’t want you to catch them, but we do!

27 Sep

The Perfect Taco has finally joined the 7Seas ranks.  You can now actually catch fish in Perfect Taco Lake, as well as buy all your gear & bait from our vendor.  I’m working on custom catches & may host contests in the future.  So this begs the question – can what is already perfect become more perfect?  If so, we just did!

Fishing from the truck.

7Seas fishing from the back of the old pick-up truck.

7Seas at The Perfect Taco

The Perfect Taco too!

19 Aug

I am pleased to announce The Perfect Taco taco stand has branched out!  You can now find us at Shilo Falls Old West town:~)

In addition to the Taco Stand you can find several rides & games – my favorite is the haunted house ride.  But, I have seen a couple of roller coasters he’s considering…

The Perfect Taco too!

The Perfect Taco too!

Shilo Falls amusement park

Shilo Falls amusement park

Shilo Falls Haunted House ride

Shilo Falls Haunted House ride (look for Linden on some of those tomb stones)

There are also trains to ride, a saloon, a town to explore, & he has shacks you can rent if you’d like to live in an old west town instead of SL’s classiest trailer park…;~)

Shilo Falls Old West Town

Shilo Falls Old West Town

Shilo Falls Old West Town

Shilo Falls Old West Town

Thanks to lander Bracula for letting me be a part of his town!  Everybody go check it out!!!

Shilo Falls Old West Town

(EDIT: lander has vendor space available if you’re looking for some, as well as a few ad boards for rent.  Contact land Bracula if you are interested.)

Good news, bad news

16 Aug

More like bad news, middlin’ news really.

Let’s start with the middlin’ news.  I found another rental directory with a fairly high ranking in the classifieds & cheap spaces, so I put my sign up there last night.  It’s the same one as the other.

My sign @ Rental Central

If you decide you must see this awesome, amazing sign for yourself, be in fly mode when you go, because it’s at the top of the wall & that link will take you nose to nose with it.

And now for something completely different…  the bad news.

The trailer park is gone.  The taco stand is also gone.  Yes, you heard right.  If you stop by right now you will see an empty lot.  After a random person rezzed something yesterday, I was playing with the settings.  I turned on auto return & ZIP! 90% off everything on the Pini side disappeared.  My one poor renter, she finally put some stuff out yesterday & boy is she going to be confused when it shows up in her lost & found folder.  Especially since she just paid up a week yesterday>_<  Oh well, we’re friends.  She’ll get a good giggle out of it.

I was wanting to redo the landscape anyway though, so this isn’t a bad thing entirely.  Also, maybe push the taco stand back & move up the yard sale.  I’ve been meaning to redo the yard sale somehow.   Maybe make the private lots bigger if I can, too.  When you create something you always find things you wish you had done differently.

Everything in Pawpaw is safe though, so Taco Hill & all that is still there.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a good, economical teleporter system that will work across sim lines I’m looking.  & for sim crossing, I’m fine with the map method.  I do not want one of the kind that slings you over.  I have one of those & I hate it.  It misses half the time & when you are trying to reach a sky platform that is a big issue, lol.  I am looking for something that will allow me to lock certain locations from all the pads.  I thought I could with the what I have now, but it just keeps people from using that teleporter if you lock it.  I want to be able to fix it so people can’t port to the private lots if the owner doesn’t want randoms dropping in.  Currently all I can do is remove that location from all the pads, but that means no one can use the teleporters to get to them.  Possibly I may need to give each of them their own single point teleporter.  I’d love to hear any suggestions you have!

I have pics from the rail jam yesterday & I’ll be posting those later – since now I have to put my trailer park & taco stand back together>_<

New ad spot

15 Aug

I haven’t heard anything about this place, so not sure how it will work out, but it’s free, so… Plus, I found it googling SL advertising & it was near the top.  I guess that says something, right?

So here’s the spot on SLBiz2Life  Business Directory.

It’s nothing fancy, but still pleased to be putting the word out somewhere.  I’m always interested in places I can advertise, but my ad budget is pretty much nothing, so it needs to be either free or economical with a good traffic of people who would be interested in renting a non-trashy trailer.  Drop me comment/IM if you know of a good place!

My first inworld advert!

13 Aug

If you’re here, maybe you have already seen it, but if not…

I rented a sign at The Rental Directory & today got my sign up & loaded. I am so pleased with it! Turned my settings up to ultra to take the shot (once I got my cam where I wanted it of course- there is no moving once ultra is on>_<), so it came out pretty good.

You can see it here:

or, just look at it here:
ad pic

I got a two weeks free deal for being a first time customer, so no loss if it doesn’t work.  But, I’ve heard good things about this place.  Now we just wait & see what happens.  *crosses fingers*