Thanks for your interest in The Perfect Taco Trailer Park & Taco Stand!

This is a small, fairly quiet park.  The neighborhood is peaceful, friendly, & packed with places to explore!  My hope is to grow a neighborly community here, rather than just a place to park your stuff.

Some general information on the park:  There are only four homes here, three full size trailers & one mini.  The homes are generously spaced & you can decorate outside your home.   The lots each have their own audio & media controls.   The grounds are landscaped to be clean & attractive.  All the homes include lockable doors for privacy.  The areas over Taco Hill, Soul City & Heart Beet, can be reserved by residents for private events.   Each home also gets two spots in the park yard sale stand.  There is a theater above the trailer park with a television capable of streaming lots of content as well as playing inworld movie rentals.  Each week a new movie is featured on the DVD channel.  The television is accessible by group members.  You  can also set it to private view & watch something no one else can see…

The full size lots are $L300/wk with 100 prims & the mini is $60/wk with 25 prims.   If you don’t like one of the available trailers, they can be substituted either by another trailer I have or one of your own.

We are bounded on both ends by the SLRR & right by the station.  Across the tracks you can even get a free engine to drive on the tracks!   Across the tracks from the taco stand is an area of hobo tunnels still in progress, & at the bottom of that you can find more shops & public areas.

If you have any questions please IM me or leave a comment here.  Again, thank you for you interest & I hope to see you coming home to The Perfect Taco soon:~)

~ Bianca Duncan, Head Taco
The Perfect Taco Trailer Park & Taco Stand


Lot 1


Lot 1, exterior

Lot 1, exterior, $L300/wk, 100 prims



Lot 1, interior, living area

Lot 1, interior, living area



Lot 1, interior, bedroom

Lot 1, interior, bedroom










(See note card info here)


Lot 2 (currently rented)


Lot 2, exterior

Lot 2, exterior, $L300/wk, 100 prims



Lot 2, interior furnished

Lot 2, interior furnished


(See note card info here)


Lot 3


Lot 3, exterior

Lot 3, exterior, $L300/wk, 100 prims



Lot 3, interior furnished

Lot 3, interior furnished, click image to scroll for more interior images (why yes, I am in all of them!)


(See here for note card info)


Lot 4


Lot 4, exterior

Lot 4, exterior, $L60/wk, 25 prims



Lot 4, interior, sleeping area

Lot 4, interior, sleeping area



Lot 4, interior, front area

Lot 4, interior, front area









(See note card info here)



Visit us inworld!



3 Responses to “Rentals”

  1. cherryiridescent August 18, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    You need some new pics now that you rebuilt it! Chop, chop, girl! ❤ u!

    • biancaduncan August 19, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

      i know! i’ve been thinking that myself. for the most part, the homes aren’t that different. your place & 2 others snapped back in a bundle furniture & all, so those were easy, but one of the skylots was fubared, so i had trash it & rez a new trailer, so i left it unfurnished. which works, because it is the other style of trailer from the unfurnished one on the ground. so potential renters can see both of them unfurnished atm. (of course, i could just whip one out of my inventory for anyone who wanted to see it.)

      i will soon! but i’ve been doing all this other stuff – rebuilding TPT, building TPT2, updating the blog, replying to your comments:~p, & now i’m reading my book for the review & making notes. busy busy busy! & it’s not like ppl are going to rent w/o visiting first. i hope it isn’t so different from the pics to make them feel duped.

      but in short, yes i do need to take new pics. not just because some things have changed, but because i’m taking better pics now! thinking to turn up my settings for pics was one of those OMG why didn’t i think of that before? flashes. sometimes i’m a bit slow>_<


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