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SCOTS Party Fabulous!

17 Sep

Tuesday’s The Kudzu Ranch party for the latest SCOTS album was awesome!  I didn’t get an exact count but there were over 20 people there having a good time.  Yay!  There was actually lag in the trailer park.  There’s never lag.  And Books made t-shirts in celebration for all the party guests.

There was plenty of fried chicken & tacos.  I even made fried chicken sploders over the dance area.  Also, an Intan dance system was bought for the party & a singles dance ball rezzed over the lawn.  The Intan was the standard package from DMC, so it came with 14 dances in it, & I added a quickstep & the SLindy Hop.  Alas, that was my dance fund right there, so the singles ball was still packed with freebie dances.  Though… with the tips from the evening I was able to purchase a nonfreebie dance!  Hurray!  I splurged on the copy version so I added it to the dance ball behind the taco stand & the ones on the Taco Hill side (Taco Hill, Heart Beet, & Soul City).  After the party I moved the Intan to Soul City, & added remotes to Heart Beet & Taco Hill.  So now you can dance with your sweetie!  Don’t forget the stream in Taco Hill is controlled from the jukebox in Soul City, which is accessible by anyone.

I got a few pics, though I had to turn my graphics down because of the lag, especially since I was running the Shoutcast stream at the time.

The Kudzu Ranch party

Dancing in the fried chicken rain.

~ I only want to see you dancing in the chicken rain.  Chicken rain, fried chicken ra-ain ~

The Kudzu Ranch party

SLindy Hop as the sunsets.

(see more pics here)