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And Now Halloween Is Gone…

2 Nov

The mini hunt has ended & I cleaned up everything including the Halloween decorations.  I won’t mention how many hundreds of prims I freed up doing that…  With that also went the fishing pumpkin at the taco stand, but the 7Seas is still up at Perfect Taco Lake on Taco Hill.  I’ve also retired the Hella Skela-fish custom.  Till next year I suppose:~)

Now that it’s all gone the taco stand looks so lonely:~(

post-Halloween taco stand

Post-Halloween Taco Stand


A Few Of The Hunt Items

26 Oct

Thought I’d share a few of the items from the hunt.


TPT Halloween hunt t-shirt

Tacomodius modeling the new TPT t-shirt design for the trick or treat hunt. He is also wearing the hillbilly fangs I made for the hunt.

The Instant Mullet

The Instant Mullet! Made for the trick or treat hunt in several colors with catchy names like "stepchild red" & "roots black". Modeled here in "geezer white" with my own wig & a little raccoon buddy.

Mushroom Seating

Sculpted mushrooms with a menu of sits in it made for the hunt. I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I included both the patchwork texture & the blown glass. They are both super colorful & the blown glass has a little glow to it. They each have a touch toggled poofer at the base. The patchwork has a little butterfly sitting on the bottom that releases a gentle flurry of matching friends. Blown glass has a tiny matching mushroom at the base which emits delicate twinkles. They are both set to light poofing, but they are modifiable so you can adjust the setting to your tastes.

Cushion Chest

Cushion Chest. Another gift made especially for the hunt. An exotic wooden chest topped off by a couple of cushions & an afghan. This was inspired by these fabulous textures I picked up myself during another hunt. Clicking the chest will give one of the cushions which have four menu controlled sits in them. *It was brought to my attention three of the four sits are not cooperating. I am working on this. It's the same script used by the mushrooms & another chair I made for the hunt (a lovely Elvis inspired retro chair with a few fun surprises) & they share some of the animations, & they work just fine. Of course, these cushions worked just fine when I packed them for the hunt. ~heavy sigh~ There is no telling.*

Events for Oct 18-24

17 Oct

This week we start celebrating my favorite holiday – Halloween!

Tuesday, 10/19 @ 8PM:
The 5lb Assorted Bag: I’ll be showing an assortment of Halloween goodies; music, movie clips, prank videos, whatever shows up & catches my eye.  Ooh, maybe I can find some real life ghosty videos!

Thursday, 10/21 @ 7:15PM:
So, You’ve Downloaded A Demon? (2004, Horror/Comedy) (Comorroredy?  Horromedy?)
Casidee Riley,  Zak Kreiter, Todd Livingston, Xenia Seeberg (<= any other Lexx fans here?)
While hacking an occult Web site for a Goth girl (Casidee Riley), student council hopeful Dave (Zak Kreiter) accidentally unleashes a nasty demon that takes over his body. As Dave runs wild as the spawn of Satan, his friends attempt a series of wacky schemes to save him. Directed by Todd Livingston, this outrageous college comedy features a botched exorcism, projectile vomit and plenty of creepy characters. (description from Netflix.com)

The week of Halloween, we’ll be  showing a different movie from the horror genre every night (well, at least through the week.  I’m still nailing down my Halloween plans & as much as I luv you guys I will not be passing up a night of drink & debauchery to watch YouTube in SL:~p).  If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the movies I’ve shown so far, you know some of them will probably lean closer to being a comedy, or tragedy, than actual horror.  But as long as there’s at least a ghost or demon or axe murderer running lose, & somebody gets killed it counts.  I’m also working on a fun little trick or treat hunt around here.  But more info about all that next week:~)

See you there!

~Don’t be a stranger~

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark