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SLRR Rail Jam 2010

15 Aug

The Perfect Taco is located between two set of tracks on the Second Life Rail Road; one of the things I love about my spot.  Prior to moving here I had not heard of SLRR, but they are popular with many people.  Who knew SL had so many train enthusiasts?  So most of my drop-in traffic comes from people traveling the tracks.  (& it’s not just for trains – their is a Union Jack Mini Cooper that regularly passes by & beeps.)  Speaking of drop-in traffic, I’ll also take a moment to brag – if you do an inworld search for ‘tacos’ The Perfect Taco is at the top of the list:~)  Not sure how many people are looking for tacos in SL, but for those who are…

So my point with this post is, today at 11am SLT (pacific for you real world people) , the SLRR group will be hosting SLRR Rail Jam 2010.

For those interested, here is the info copied from their note card:

The SLRR Rail Groups ‘Rail Jam’ is a fun Rail event on August the 15th 2010 – 11:00 AM
Everyone can join it. Bring your train to Bagha Station

It will be a run from Bagha to Calleta station along the public main line of the SLRR.
–   If you want to join be on time to rez your train.
–   If you want to watch just pick a staition along the main line to do so

The Virtual Railway Consortium hopes you enjoy the event hosted by the fellow
SLRR Rail Group.

Comments, Questions or Remarks you can send to DOUGIE Flossberg of the
SLRR Rail Group.

If you want to ride, but do not have a train, just grab one of the free ones they have along the tracks.  I know they have them at each end of our land.  Or, if you show up in time, you might be able to hitch a ride!  If you would prefer to just watch, come watch at The Perfect Taco! We’ve got a perfect view being on a hill over the tracks (a tiny hill, more of a ledge really, but ledge sounds so dangerous).  We are also right across from the Pini Station.

& FREE TACOS & BEER! to all Rail Jammers!

If you’re watching, come by the taco stand for tacos & beer.  If you’re riding come by after, or IM me (Bianca Duncan) & I’ll drop them on you:~)  You know I’ve got the best tacos in SL!

Want your own ride, but something a little more pimp than the freebie train?  Here is what Xstreet has to offer.