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Tonight @ 7PM! The Lonely Yak & A Double Rezz Day Celebration

25 Sep

Tonight The Perfect Taco will be hosting The Lonely Yak as it makes it’s monthly foray out of the club.  And, as if it wasn’t special enough to have The Yak at our place, we’ll also be having a double rezz day celebration for me & Serenity.

Tonight’s theme is color & there’s lots of it!  We’ve got balloons, confetti, sparkly colored trees, a birthday hamster, & I’m sure there will be even more!  Oh, & don’t forget the contest board for best outfit matching the theme!

DJ Shini will be spinning your favorites as we dance the night away celebrating another year of fun & friendship in SL:~)

It’s gonna be bigger than a double rainbow, so get your dancing shoes & your favorite color outfit, & get yourself to the trailer park!

Ride the rainbow to the rezz day celebrations!

Ride the rainbow to the rezz day celebrations!

The Perfect Taco


SCOTS Party Fabulous!

17 Sep

Tuesday’s The Kudzu Ranch party for the latest SCOTS album was awesome!  I didn’t get an exact count but there were over 20 people there having a good time.  Yay!  There was actually lag in the trailer park.  There’s never lag.  And Books made t-shirts in celebration for all the party guests.

There was plenty of fried chicken & tacos.  I even made fried chicken sploders over the dance area.  Also, an Intan dance system was bought for the party & a singles dance ball rezzed over the lawn.  The Intan was the standard package from DMC, so it came with 14 dances in it, & I added a quickstep & the SLindy Hop.  Alas, that was my dance fund right there, so the singles ball was still packed with freebie dances.  Though… with the tips from the evening I was able to purchase a nonfreebie dance!  Hurray!  I splurged on the copy version so I added it to the dance ball behind the taco stand & the ones on the Taco Hill side (Taco Hill, Heart Beet, & Soul City).  After the party I moved the Intan to Soul City, & added remotes to Heart Beet & Taco Hill.  So now you can dance with your sweetie!  Don’t forget the stream in Taco Hill is controlled from the jukebox in Soul City, which is accessible by anyone.

I got a few pics, though I had to turn my graphics down because of the lag, especially since I was running the Shoutcast stream at the time.

The Kudzu Ranch party

Dancing in the fried chicken rain.

~ I only want to see you dancing in the chicken rain.  Chicken rain, fried chicken ra-ain ~

The Kudzu Ranch party

SLindy Hop as the sunsets.

(see more pics here)

Tonight! SCOTS & The Kudzu Ranch Listening Party @ 6PM

14 Sep

Till when?  Till whenever!  Show up & we’ll close down the trailer park.  I’ve got the brand new SCOTS album, The Kudzu Ranch, along with a few others, so we’ll be ditch digging & pork forking for hours tonight.  And if we run out of that before we run out of steam, don’t worry I have more of my favorites lined up & ready to go.

Like Toad the Wet Sprocket?  I do!  How about Ani Difranco?  Me too!  Tres Chicas?  Angie Stone?  Lyle Lovett?  Snoop Dogg?  Got it.  Got it.  Got it.  Got it. And If you promise to keep it a secret…((I even have songs by Jennifer Lopez & Ashley Simpson))  Oh, & we can’t forget Aretha, Nneka, Beau Hall, Peter Searcy, Jet,  Nelly Furtado, ZZ Top, MSTRKRFT, Cat Power, Stray Cats, & on & on & on.

I even bought an Intan couples dance ball loaded with 14 dances, & added a great Quickstep & the wonderful SLindy Hop to it!  Plus, I’ve been working on some special items for flavor.  Tonight is going to be a blast!  The stream will run on both sims, so if you’d rather swim, fish, play pool or darts, query the magic eight ball, or make out while enjoying the music, not a problem.  We will of course have a full bar, free tacos, & fried chicken.

All out trashy or Sunday mornin’ classy, be there or be square!

*beep beep*  Your ride is here!

Orange Pinto

Hop in!

Events for 9/13-19

12 Sep

Hey!  Thanks for your interest in the events at The Perfect Taco!

Every Tuesday I’ll be showing a selection of short videos & on Thursday we’ll watch a full length movie.  They’ll all be shown in our Port-In Theater:~)  Just take the teleporter near the taco stand to the theater & you’re there!

The Kudzu Ranch album

The Kudzu Ranch album

TUESDAY, 9/14 @ 6PM – The Kudzu Ranch listening party!

Southern Culture On The Skids released their newest full length album, The Kudzu Ranch, & I got it!  So join us tonight as we give it a spin (or as spinny as MP3’s get).  We’ll be rounding the evening out with their Double Wide & Live 2disc live set, & whatever else will fit in there.  We’ll keep it going all night if we have to!


THURSDAY, 9/16 @ 8pm – Sordid Lives (2000, Comedy)Sordid Lives dvd cover

“A black comedy about white trash.”
As three generations of a family in a small Texas town gather for a funeral, we learn the hilarious, sad, trashy truth of the “Sordid Lives.” (from IMDb)

Starring: Delta Burke, Leslie Jordan, Olivia Newton-John, Beau Bridges, Bonnie Bedelia,  Beth Grant (& shame on you if you don’t know who everyone of them is)

A campy comedy that will also have you misting up in places.  Bitter, hopeful, funny, & sad.  Just like your own family!


Also, coming up later this month, but still firming up the specifics, are

9/25 – The Lonely Yak’s Traveling Yak.  We’ll be dancing up a storm when The Lonely Yak drops by with a DJ & dancing!  We’ll also be celebrating a double rez day for me & Serenity!

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