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New Pics! Train Party & Halloween

18 Oct

Here’s a  few pics from the train watching party yesterday (can you believe I didn’t get one pic of a train? lol), some of the decorating I’ve done around the trailer park, & the custom catches I made for the 7Seas this month.


Batman train watching

Batman waiting on a train before a football emergency sprang up & he had to leave.

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Updates! New Homes Added & Rent Credits Added To 7Seas

10 Oct

Finally got the new pics & info cards added for Lots 1 & 4.  I am still working on updating the info for lots 2 & 3, as well as the general park info note card.

Lot 1


TPT Lot 1 exterior

Lot 1, exterior



TPT Lot 1 interior living area

Lot 1, interior, living area



TPT Lot 1 interior bedroom

Lot 1, interior, bedroom










Lot 1 information

Visit inworld



Lot 4


TPT Lot 4 exterior

Lot 4, exterior



TPT Lot 4 interior sleeping area

Lot 4, interior, sleeping area



TPT Lot 4 interior front area

Lot 4, interior, front area










Lot 4 information

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Also, I’ve added rent vouchers to the 7Seas customs prizes.  Can be used for new & renewing rent payments.



TPT custom catch for 7Seas, $L50 rent voucher

$L50 rent voucher, rare custom prize for 7Seas



TPT custom catch for 7Seas, 1 week's rent voucher

1 week's rent voucher, superultrarare custom prize for 7Seas



TPT custom catch for 7Seas, $L100 rent voucher

$L100 rent voucher, ultrarare custom prize for 7Seas



Go fish!


6 Oct

So, I’ve been mixing it up around the trailer park.  Some are changes I’ve made & just not gotten around to officially documenting, & some are more recent changes.  Some of them don’t reflect so much changes in the trailer park, as they do changes in my knowledge of graphics settings & SL photography:~)  But I have begun the process of officially updating my pics & info for the trailer park.

Here are a few of the first photos I’ve taken:

Our Events Board

Our new events board:~) From the top: The 7Seas message board, our photo board showing some of our friends & fun, our events group inviter, & the events board. Clicking the middle of the events sign, where the days are listed, gives you a copy of that week's events schedule. Clicking below, where the site addie is, will let you open your browser to our website. The dvds added beside movie/video events take you to either a website or trailer. Beside here you'll notice a web survey for a health research project. It is available in English & Dutch, & pays you $L20 for about 5mins of answering simple questions.

The Perfect Taco Taco Stand & Rental Office

The current set up of the taco stand & rental office. Not a lot different than the other pics I've taken since reshaping the land, but better quality. The laptop on the picnic table will take you to our website & if you look at the screen it is actually on the site:~) Oh, you can't see it in this pic, but inside the taco stand, to the left of the door, is my new Master's in Trailer Park Management & Taco Artistry! (thanks to Djeaux for that) Also, the taco stand now has a dumpster diving trash can out back.

Yard Sale & Lot 1

The yard sale! Not much different here, just a better pic & a view of the new Lot 1.

Laundromat & Playground

A new view of our laundromat. Here you can see the clothes line, teeter totter, & hopscotch I've added.

Teeter Totter & Lots 1 & 2

Teeter totter outside the laundromat & lots 1 & 2

I’m going to work on pics of the actual homes tonight, including the new mini!, if I can get through the new 21pg TOS I have to agree to before I can log in again>_<

Events Oct 4-10 (& A Few Changes Around The Taco)

4 Oct

Lots of changes happening in the trailer park:~)  The theater has been moved, not too far though.  It’s still over the trailer park.  It has also been given a new fall makeover.  Looks good if I do say so myself.  I’ve switched some of the trailers up, added a mini trailer, & I’ll be parceling the lots so they have their own media control.  One of the reasons for moving the theater.  Over the hill, I’m moving Heart Beet further up & into a mega prim with access only by teleporting into it.

& now for the events…

Chad Vader, Ssn 1
by & starring Aaron Yonda & Matt Sloan
Life is hard when you’re Darth Vader’s less-talented, less-charismatic younger brother and you manage a grocery store.

Thursday, 10/7 @ 7PM SLT
Last Man Standing
Starring Bruce Willis, Bruce Dern, William Sanderson, & Christopher Walken
A drifting gunslinger-for-hire finds himself in the middle of an ongoing war between the Irish and Italian mafia in a Prohibition era ghost town.  In a town with no justice, there is only one law… Every man for himself.

Have a great week!

SLRR Rail Jam 2010 Post Post

18 Aug

So, here is the post post I promised about Sunday’s SLRR Rail Jam.  The rubber banding of my trailer park & taco stand delayed it, but it has been rebuilt.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to make some changes I had been considering, but were impractical giving I had everything set up already.  But once everything was back in my inventory (& Cherry’s – sorry dear>_<), no more excuses!

Rebuilt park from the landing point

Rebuilt trailer park & taco stand from the landing zone

rebuilt trailer park

Rebuilt trailer park from the middle

Ok, now that I have out of the way, on to the Rail Jam!  I started out riding in a trolley with lander Bracula of Shilo Falls, Old West Town amusement park.

Riding the rails at SLRR Rail Jame 2010

Riding the rails at SLRR Rail Jam 2010

I made it as far as the first sim crossing…  I didn’t get pics of it, but I found myself stuck in the air, with no option but to teleport out.  So I teleported home, & by that time I wasn’t sure where the train was so I just stayed at the taco stand.  There were a few people there watching the trains, so it was nice.  I gave out tacos & beer.

Watching trains from the taco stand

Watching trains from the taco stand.

The Pini station across from the taco stand

The Pini station across from the taco stand.

After the last train passed, we went to Calleta to watch them pulling into the final station.  Hobo Town was the end of the line – & the roughest sim crossing.

Watching the trains pull into Calleta

Watching the trains pull into Calleta

sim line pile up

Calleta sim line pile up

There was a crash, worsened by the pile up behind it.  One train even blew up!  Of course my nosy ass was standing right there (munching a taco), so I was showered by metal & smoke.

Pile up!

Pile up!

It was my first train event & it was a lot of fun!  I had never been to hobo town, so getting to see that was a lot of fun, too.

To see the rest of my pics, see my web album.  If you see yourself or your train, place, etc, in any of my pics, please leave a comment, & so I can credit properly.  Also, if you’d like to have a copy of one of the pics, contact me with your email & I’ll send it to you.  I believe me pics in the album are set so no one can copy them.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to Living La Vida Taco

13 Aug

the site for information on The Perfect Taco Trailer Park & Taco Stand, Second Life’s classiest trailer park!

We have lots of information here, so peruse to your heart’s content.  We have three other pages:

About has some general information about the park, & a little movie I threw together from some pics I took.

Rentals has some more specific information about renting a home with us, along with pics of each of our trailers.

Taco Hill has information & pics regarding our recreational area over the trailer park.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here, or on the relevant page.  You can also send me an IM inworld.  If I’m not online my messages are forwarded to my email, so better than a note card.

To visit us inworld & see experience the taco for yourself: our SLurl

Find yourself here & confused?  Find out more about Second Life.