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My Market Place

3 Nov

My sales are up a good deal since the new Market Place opened.  Still not a big seller, but I’ve got some new things in the works & have been considering renting some small shop space inworld.  I have the yard sale table at the trailer park, but I thought it would be nice to have something else with a bit more traffic & some dedicated shoppers visiting.  The yard sale at the trailer park is more for a bit of theme fun than anything.  I’ve seen a few places, but nowhere I think my stuff would fit.  I’m still looking.  BTW, the yard sale is for all the tenants, but currently it is just my stuff (not counting a friend’s market boxes I let her park there when she closed her store).

So anyhoo, with the proposed pricing changes to the market place that seem to be on their way in a month or two, I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep all of my stuff on there, monthly listing fees & all.  I’ll probably end up raising my prices on the MP & cutting stuff that doesn’t sale.  Right now what I’m going to do is make a buy 2 get 1 free special.  So, if you buy two items at full price from my store, either the market place or from the trailer park yard sale, send me a note card with your name & dated transaction info, & the item, or equal or lesser value than the items you bought of course, you would like for free.  I’ll will send it to you, probably the same day since I am on pretty much every day at some point.

Here are the links for my MP store & the yard sale & keep checking back to see what changes.  I’ve got a house about ready to go & am working on some more feature rich versions of it.  I have made a few clothes, more than what is for sale atm, & have just gotten some new templates & textures to work on more.  Plus, I’ve started working with scultpies & more animations & scripts.  A lot of this hasn’t made it for sale yet, but it’s getting close.


~*Buy 2 items, get 1 of equal or lesser value free*~
(send me a note card inworld with your name & dated transaction info, & the item you would like for free.)

My Market Place

The Perfect Taco’s Yard Sale

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